Splash Math goes Blue for Autism Awareness

Author :- Date :- April 2, 2014

From its inception, Splash Math has made a difference in the lives of more than 4 million children worldwide. This has been made possible with your support! During this journey, we have learnt that Splash Math is the preferred learning tool for children with special needs too, especially those with Autism*.

Autism Awareness Day

On the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day (April 2nd), we are very proud to announce our collaboration with Autism Speaks to raise awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorders.

To this effect, we will be contributing 50% of our revenue from www.splashmath.com this entire week (April 2nd-9th) to Autism Speaks.

Come be a part of this awareness initiative and help Splash Math make a difference in the lives of children with Autism!

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*To elaborate, children with Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Dyslexia and other general Developmental Delays are using Splash Math as a tool to learn basic Math concepts. Teachers have also observed that the common core aligned content of Splash Math allows them to track the progress of each of these kids as per their Individual Education Plans and the voice-overs & graded worksheets help in reinforcing learning. Parents too, are convinced that Splash Math is helping their children succeed at Math.

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Announcing Splash Math Classroom Edition

Author :- Date :- March 10, 2014

At Splash Math, we are constantly soliciting feedback from our users, in order to improve our products and find better ways to achieve our mission: to help kids raise their math scores through the use of exercises, which promote fun, engaging, daily practice.


Recently, we have seen enormous demand from teachers to add functionality which would help them roll out Splash Math to all the students in their Math classes.  In response, we are thrilled to introduce Splash Math Classroom Edition™. Using the new Classroom Edition, teachers can now add student accounts, give each student their own login, and assign individualized practice for each student. Teachers are able to view in-depth reports about the performance levels of both individual students and the class as a whole, so they can tailor their own lesson plans and math practice problems to better serve the needs of their students.

With Splash Math Classroom Edition, students can use the same login to access Splash Math on both the Web as well as on iPads—whether in the classroom, at home or on the go. Since our apps don’t require an internet connection to work, students can work on practice problems anywhere: at home, in the car, or even in the waiting room at the dentist’s office! Our apps are fun and engaging, so students enjoy using them to improve their math scores and skills.

Like their students, teachers also love Splash Math. Kristi Meeuwse, a kindergarten teacher at Drayton Hall Elementary School, says “Splash Math is great because as you get things correct it increases in complexity — so it continues to challenge even those learners that are ready to move on”.  (http://www.apple.com/education/ipad/teacher-stories/kristi-meeuwse/). Our Classroom Edition caters to the varying math levels within each age group allowing more advanced students to work on math problems above their grade level and students whose math skills are below grade level to catch up.

We look forward to hearing about how the new Splash Math Classroom Edition works for you!

7 Year Old Evan Having Fun With Splash Math!

Author :- Date :- March 5, 2014

“I sincerely believe in Splash Math apps, they have an immense value to me and my family.” - Earl Rollins

We thank Natalie Rollins, mother of Evan – an autistic child – for sharing this inspirational video with us. Evan’s infectious smile motivates us to make Splash Math even better.

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“Splash Math Make Maths Fun for Kids” – SCMP

Author :- Date :- February 7, 2014

Blog Image_01_01small
Tan Ly-ann, Senior Education Apps Reviewer for South China Morning Post (SCMP) says that as a tutor, she is often in search for material that can help her students with math practice.  Her search ended with Splash Math, an adaptive program that “…does not pretend to teach children how to do math but just provides the practice environment.”

She found it advantageous that Splash Math closely follows the school curriculum and is aligned to the US Common Core State Standards, to help students master the appropriate grade skills.

She praised the games section, where kids can play exciting games and ‘Parent’s dashboard’ that shows the student’s progress.

Read the full post at SCMP.

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Martin Luther King Jr. on Education, Motivation and Life

Author :- Date :- January 20, 2014

On the occasion of Civil Rights Day, we pay homage to Martin Luther King Jr., one of the greatest motivators of our time. His courage, conviction and ideals continue to guide people across the world. His belief that education should “train one for quick, resolute and effective thinking” is one of our guiding principles. On the occasion of Civil Rights Day, we salute this great American patriot.

Martin Luther King_13 - Copy

Happy Martin Luther King Day to all our readers. Consider sharing it with others to spread his timeless message. Share your favorite quote of Dr. King below.

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10 Things That Can Happen When You Give Your iPad to Your Kid

Author :- Date :- January 6, 2014

According to a recent Common Sense Media report, 63% of families earning more than $75,000 a year have tablets in their home. Given those numbers, it’s no wonder that there are some mishaps that can happen when you hand over your iPad to your children.

Here are the top 10 things that can happen when you give your iPad to your kid.

Special thanks to our friends at Cult of Mac, Common Sense Media, Buzzfeed and many more publications for their help in contributing to this infographic.

10 Things That Can Happen When You Give Your iPad to Your Kid

#1: iPad becomes a tabletop for her snacks.

Contributed by Cara Ong of Envisio.

#2: Your TV is full of finger swipes.

Contributed by Jessica Barkell of iBooks Author Templates.

#3: You never get your iPad back.

Contributed by Aly Walsh of Aly’s Books.

#4: Your child Facetimes your coworker.

Contributed by Brett Winterble of Brett Winterble Show.

#5: Your Facebook profile is full of scores from children’s games.

Contributed by Jennifer James McCollum.

#6: Selfies… lots of selfies.

Contributed by Slidely.

#7: Hours spent watching Starwars Lego videos.

Contributed by Beckie Mostello of Tech Talk for Moms.

#8: They come across your old party photos.

Contributed by Rob LeFebvre of Cult of Mac.

#9: Your folders are rearranged with children games.

Contributed by Amanda Bindel of Common Sense Media.

#10: You get an email with a huge iTunes bill.

Contributed by Cathy Tibbles of Pixelgems Creative Inc.

Special thanks to Mike Spohr of Buzzfeed.

Did we miss anything? Leave a comment below and let us know what your child has done to your iPad.

Splash Math gets Editor’s Choice Award from Children’s Technology Review

Author :- Date :- December 23, 2013

Splash Math Kindergarten Children's Tech AwardSplash Math Kindergarten App, prequel to Splash Math series (Grades 1 to 5), is on a roll. After getting featured in the “Real Teacher’s Stories” section on Apple.com earlier this year; the Kindergarten app is now honored with the Editor’s Choice Award 2013 from Children’s Technology Review (CTR).

CTR has been serving parents and teachers since 1993 with just one goal: “to provide complete and objective reviews of children’s interactive media products.” Continue reading

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6 Ways to Make Math Fun

Author :- Date :- December 4, 2013

math-funMath is fun! While boring worksheets can burn students out and turn math into drudgery, simple activities can inspire a love for it. Math might not be your favorite subject, but it doesn’t have to be that way for your children. Here are 6 ways to make math meaningful and fun for your children. Continue reading

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From Atari to iPad, a Parent’s Reflection on Technology

Author :- Date :- November 24, 2013

Atari 001A recent conversation I had with my first grade son….

My Son: “Mom, I want an iPad for Christmas.”

Me: “What? Why do you want an iPad for Christmas?”

My Son: “Because I am tired of sharing our family iPad and I want to have more time to teach myself new things.”

Me: “Well, hmm, let’s think that through and see what we can do.”

My Son: “Ok, I will save up my chore money to buy an iPad.”

Me: Smiling :)

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Does Pre-K Make a Difference?

Author :- Date :- November 13, 2013

Preschool Kids_02

For decades we have been having discussions about whether PreK should be compulsory for all kids, as usual – the kids who need it most, don’t seem to be getting the services they need to be prepared for kindergarten. (Which BTW is not mandatory in all states). Recently I have had some beliefs of my own given credence by the research done by Annie Murphy Paul. This is one TED talk that you will not want to miss! Continue reading

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