StudyPad Wishes You a Fun Earth Day! Save Today, Green Tomorrow

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April 22 marks the international “green” festival that spreads awareness about the Earth’s natural environment and underlines the significance of everyone’s contribution to save Earth from the fatal effects of global warming.

The global theme for Earth Day 2013 is ‘The Face of Climate Change.’ Many regional and local events such as eco-campaigns, eco-themed games, etc. have been planned worldwide. Over a billion people will celebrate this day and pledge to ‘go green’ in every aspect of their lives by making environmentally conscious choices.

Do you know whose brainchild is this day? Former Wisconsin Senator, Gaylord Nelson. In 1969, this legendary “green” trailblazer formulated a plan to synchronize the then grassroot green initiatives into an annual day of action. To trigger the mainstream environmental revolution, the first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970. 43 years later, mission remains the same – to appreciate nature and encourage Earth care.

For us, at Splash Math, every day is ‘Earth Day’. Since the day we laid our foundation brick in 2010, we’ve been advocating Earth care. The infographic below will explain you how we lend our hand to save our natural resources.


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