Share the Love of Splash Math

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Splash Math SpringBoard 2018 is almost here! Schools in USA and Canada have been waiting for the exciting math experiences this Spring. With over a million students enrolled last year, we are no less excited to bring SpringBoard to elementary schools.

While you have already enrolled in the SpringBoard contest, here is another opportunity to communicate the utility of such program to the wider audience.

Here is one simple step to make it happen: Depending on your school website’s schema, copy and paste the respective HTML code for Splash Math Text or Splash Math logo.

Directions to showcase Splash Math on the school website

  • Splash Math Logo – HTML Code
  • <a href=””><img alt=”Splash Math Logo” src=””></a>

Typically schools list useful programs on pages such as: ‘Useful Links’, ‘Student Links’, ‘Math Resources’ etc.

Few examples on how other schools in USA have shared Splash Math on their website: