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Like all parents, I love my children. I have 3 under the age of 5 and believe an elite education begins in the home. I want to give my children a solid foundation so that they might reach their full potential or at least become better than their mother. My mission is to help parents raise sons and daughter, whose legacies honor their families and glorify God. My sites Blue Manor Education and True Aim Education provide curriculum, free resources, and inspiration for parents and homeschoolers!

Why First Grade Is Important?

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why is first grade importantYou just finished an overload of sensory and cognitive experiences. Now you are going to refine them and put them to use. You’re in first grade!

Why is first grade so important? This is where it all starts! It’s not just an introduction or first step to more advanced concepts. In this grade, the fundamental building blocks that will be used throughout your children’s lives are laid and their love or disdain for a subject is setting in. Continue reading

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6 Ways to Make Math Fun

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math-funMath is fun! While boring worksheets can burn students out and turn math into drudgery, simple activities can inspire a love for it. Math might not be your favorite subject, but it doesn’t have to be that way for your children. Here are 6 ways to make math meaningful and fun for your children. Continue reading

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