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Splash Math goes Blue for Autism Awareness

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From its inception, Splash Math has made a difference in the lives of more than 4 million children worldwide. This has been made possible with your support! During this journey, we have learnt that Splash Math is the preferred learning tool for children with special needs too, especially those with Autism*.

Autism Awareness Day

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World Autism Day: Let’s Make the World go ‘Blue’!

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Update – 50% of our revenue for will go to Autism Speaks this entire week (April 2-9, 2014).

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Max Kenton has an IQ above 70. Ask him about his studies and well-being and he would start drawing his analogies to crayons, colorful textbooks and playfields. He’d also begin brandishing his school stuff and tossing the names of his school friends. In the first instance, it might not seem obvious to onlookers that Max is autistic.
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