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10 Tips for Keeping Your iPad Safe

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We use iPads everyday- personally and professionally. It’s a valuable device, not just price-wise, but also utility-wise. It stores a large amount of our personal information in the form of email messages, social networking apps, photos, browsing history etc. Not surprisingly, it’s also highly theft-prone and susceptible to abuse of your personal data.

We’ve a few simple tips which you can use to keep your iPad safe, secure and functioning properly.

  1. Keep it covered – Screen protectors are a must. A clear film over the screen will prevent it from scratches. Zagg, ArmorSuit, etc. are some good options available on Amazon.
  2. Keep it clean – Keep your iPad free of the dust and oils that will get on them during normal use. Use lint-free cloth to wipe. Microfiber screen cleaner is also a good fabric for the same.
  3. Use a case – A simple drop could crack the screen and possibly dent your iPad. Your insurance here is a good iPad case. Apple’s Smart Case, ArmorBox OtterBox etc. are some good options.
  4. Back up your data – Backup your data at least once a month on iTunes. Backups also help ensure seamless transition between your old iPad and your new one.
  5. Enable Auto-Lock – This is a must. Your iPad should auto-lock itself when not in use. This feature is handy as at times you can forget to lock the device.
  6. Set a passcode – The passcode blocks unauthorized users from accessing your apps and information, especially from nosy parkers or sneaks.
  7. Install software updates – Keeping iOS updated will make sure you have the latest security updates and patches installed against hackers and viruses. Also, your iPad will run smoother.
  8. Be a battery life saver – Adjust your iPad’s settings for better battery life including turning off apps when you are not using it and turning down the brightness on your display.
  9. Use common sense – Always connect to secure and trusted Wi-Fi networks, surf and click wisely, do not tinker with your iPad’s OS etc. unless you are an app developer 🙂
  10. Keep it private – Deleting Safari’s web history, cookies and cache regularly and disabling auto-fill of browser fields is a good idea if your device is going to be shared by many.  Continue reading

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Announcing Splash Math Classroom Edition

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At Splash Math, we are constantly soliciting feedback from our users, in order to improve our products and find better ways to achieve our mission: to help kids raise their math scores through the use of exercises, which promote fun, engaging, daily practice.


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From Atari to iPad, a Parent’s Reflection on Technology

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Atari 001A recent conversation I had with my first grade son….

My Son: “Mom, I want an iPad for Christmas.”

Me: “What? Why do you want an iPad for Christmas?”

My Son: “Because I am tired of sharing our family iPad and I want to have more time to teach myself new things.”

Me: “Well, hmm, let’s think that through and see what we can do.”

My Son: “Ok, I will save up my chore money to buy an iPad.”

Me: Smiling 🙂

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10 Exciting Ways to Use Mobile Phones Inside the Classroom

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The existence of smartphones is considered to be one of the defining aspects of the 21st century classroom. There has been a tremendous change on how school and classroom policies are implemented to modernize the learning process for kids as well as teachers. Meanwhile, adding to that is the advent of mobile devices which are good teaching tools to have an effective classroom communication. According to a survey done on 500 teachers and administrators, 34% employ the use of handheld gadgets. In this post, we want to provide you with great approach on how to full utilize smartphones and tablets in the classroom. Continue reading

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