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Stop Summer Slide, Get Math-Ready for Next Grade

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Summer’s almost here! While you plan family time, beach trips and lemonade stands, don’t forget summer slide – the learning loss in kids in the summer that typically needs 2-3 months of re-teaching when they get back to school.

There are many ways to prevent summer slide. If you haven’t already, check out our infographic 5 Ways to Avoid Summer Slide below.

Also, Splash Math Summer Program 2015 is launched. Prevent math summer slide – sign up open for teachers and parents. Continue reading

Splash Math SpringBoard Contest Winners Announced!

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Mrs. Julie DeFelice’s class at Barksdale Elementary School (Division A: Grades K-2) and Mrs. Ruth Howell’s class at Lyman Elementary School (Division B: Grades 3-5) have won the first prize in Splash Math SpringBoard! During SpringBoard the students in these classes solved 86,000 and 78,000 math problems respectively – that’s stupendous work, congratulations!

Many congratulations to all our Grand Prize winners, leaderboards below:

Division A
Rank Teacher Name School Name
1st Julie DeFelice Barksdale Elementary School
2nd Delia Mac Vicar Carleton Village Sports & Wellness Academy
3rd Monica Martin St. Theresa School


Division B
Rank Teacher Name School Name
1st Ruth Howell Lyman Elementary School
2nd Vivian Martinez Conchita Espinosa
3rd Jessica Monroig Marthasville Elementary

We are also delighted to share that 353 classrooms won the Challenge Yourself prizes! That is, all these classrooms reached their weekly math challenge, achieving the objective of doing more than ever before.

Here are some other interesting SpringBoard numbers:

  • 15 Million math problems solved
  • 100% – 200% increase in math skills mastered
  • 75% classes improved their score by over 50% (and 30% classes improved it by over 100%!)

Spring is an important period in the school year, when students prepare for tests and assessments and get ready to move up a grade. Directed focus on math at this time helps make this period a success in classrooms. This was the objective of this Splash Math contest – for teachers to help students springboard into the next grade. The SpringBoard experience across teachers tells us that this objective has been more than met!

Thank you teachers and students for the amazing participation. And wish you a great end of school year and summer ahead.

p.s. Have you signed up yet for the FREE Splash Math Summer Program? Yes, it’s free for all students in your class and school – stop summer slide and ensure students come back after summer math-ready for the next grade!


Splash Math Levels Math Learning for Boys and Girls: SpringBoard Lead Showcase

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Research shows that with no cultural influences, there are negligible gender differences in math learning, with girls doing as well as boys right through the school years. If anything, in the early years of education girls tend to do somewhat better.

There are ways to level this playing field even in the elementary years though, and many parents and teachers say Splash Math is a great tool to achieve this. Sister Monica Martin, one such teacher using Splash Math, shares more with us.

Sister Monica Martin, St. Theresa School, Kauai, HI. Questions done by her students in the six weeks of SpringBoard ~ 23,955!

Sister Monica Martin, St. Theresa School, Kauai, HI. Questions done by her students in the six weeks of SpringBoard ~ 23,955!

Sr. Monica is an elementary school teacher at St.Theresa School, Kekaha, Kauai, Hawaii, the westernmost Catholic school in the United States. This private school is in a lower population rural area resulting in small class sizes, Sr. Monica’s 2nd/3rd grade combined class for instance consists of only 12 students, 7 of whom are girls. Her small class packs a punch though, currently placed #4 on the SpringBoard leaderboard!

You have a small class, with a predominance of girls. How does math learning play out in your class, and are there any differences in the way girls and boys learn and perform in math?

My experience has been that at the 2nd/3rd grade age, girls tend to do better when we use the traditional methods of math teaching and learning. By traditional I mean books, worksheets, and practice with straightforward question and answer formats. Boys are not intrinsically disadvantaged in any way in their ability to grasp concepts or practice, it is just that those methods are less conducive to engaging and motivating them. Continue reading

Splash Math Perfect for Test Preparation: SpringBoard Lead Teacher Shares

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It’s the season for standardized tests and end-of-year assessments. Teachers and students are gearing up for these tests by finishing up curriculum and reviewing concepts. First Grade teacher Mrs. Julie DeFelice shares with us how she is using Splash Math, very effectively, to prepare her students for their end of year standardized test coming up soon. Her class is currently Number 1 on the SpringBoard K-2 leaderboard.

Mrs. Julie DeFelice, 1st Grade Teacher at Barksdale Elementary School, GA. Splash Math problems done by her students in one month ~ 64,703!

Mrs. Julie DeFelice, 1st Grade Teacher at Barksdale Elementary School, GA. Splash Math problems done by her students in one month ~ 64,000!

Mrs. DeFelice loves integrating technology in the classroom, in fact the focus of her Doctoral study is ‘creative application of technology in education’. She has in recent years received the Technology Teacher of the Year and Teacher of the Year awards at her school.

How are you preparing your students for assessments and standardized tests using Splash Math? A guide from you would be very useful for other interested teachers.

Splash Math is a very effective math learning program for my class, but it is the perfect test preparation tool as well – proving very useful for these last weeks of the school year.

In our school district, we are required to administer and test the students using the Georgia Department of Education (DOE) approved Student Learning Objectives (SLO) tests. SLOs are grade level learning objectives aligned to common core standards, and test for growth in student learning in the school year. Continue reading

Gifted and Talented 3rd Grade Classroom Uses Splash Math

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District Five Schools of Spartanburg County, SC, has a formal program for gifted and talented students providing programs and services which match their unique characteristics and learning needs. Through this district level initiative, schools serve eligible students in grades 3 and above in a gifted and talented classroom model. In grades 3-6, the content focus areas of the program are math and ELA.

Emily Starkey, Teacher of 3rd Grade Gifted & Talented Classroom, Lyman Elementary School. Math Problems attempted on Splash Math in less than one month ~ 20,000!

Emily Starkey, Teacher of 3rd Grade Gifted & Talented Classroom, Lyman Elementary School. Math Problems attempted on Splash Math in less than one month ~ 20,000!

Emily Starkey is the teacher of a 3rd grade gifted and talented classroom at one of the schools in the district, Lyman Elementary School, with a majority of her class of fourteen students being mathematically gifted. Splash Math was recommended to her recently by a colleague, and she has been using it regularly since then for math learning in her class. Her class is now even on the Splash Math SpringBoard contest leaderboard. We spoke to Ms. Starkey to learn about their Splash Math experience.

Do you teach the same state standards curriculum to your students, or is there a different math curriculum?

It is different. We are based on the state standards but we also follow the NAGC (National Association for Gifted Children) developed national standards. Typically there is greater depth in the learning, there are more skills covered, and the learning curve is steeper. We tend to cover more in a school year. Continue reading

Transforming Students from Tentative to Confident with Splash Math

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There’s never been as much math talk in this 2nd grade classroom, ever. The students have changed from being unsure about math, to confident, interested and motivated students of the subject, having many “Aha” and “Eureka” math moments! All thanks to Splash Math, says their teacher Mrs. Joan Biese. We spoke with her to understand this change better.

Joan Biese, 2nd Grade Teacher, Rock Ledge Primary Center, WI. Questions answered by her students on Splash Math ~ 35,000 in four weeks!

Joan Biese, 2nd Grade Teacher, Rock Ledge Primary Center, WI. Questions answered by her students on Splash Math ~ 35,000 in four weeks!

When did you start using Splash Math and why?

I am a big believer in using education technology for teaching and learning in the classroom. I have been trying out several apps and games for math in my class, both free and paid. While we used those occasionally, I was not quite satisfied, for two reasons – first, the curriculum which didn’t always match what I was covering in class both in content and in level, and second, the lack of engagement and interest in my students. I was on the lookout for better solutions.

I came across Splash Math some time back. I liked what I saw, both in terms of the thorough common core based curriculum, and also the interactive game-like design and interface. It looked very promising and so I signed up for a classroom account. Right after that I read about the SpringBoard contest. I therefore decided to introduce Splash Math to my students and tell them about SpringBoard at the same time, to get more excited and motivated. Continue reading

SpringBoard Front Runners and Winners at the end of Week 2

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We are very excited to share the front runners on the Splash Math SpringBoard leaderboard at the end of the second week:

SMSBLeaderboard7thApr (1)Division A: Grade K-2

  1. Mrs. DeFelice’s 1st Grade Classroom, Barksdale Elementary School, CONYERS, GA – 18088
  2. Biese 2014, Rock Ledge Primary School, Seymour, WI – 8921
  3. Ms. Fox, Gateway Christian School, Mount Dora, FL – 8091
  4. Sister’s 2nd Graders, St. Theresa School, Kekaha, HI – 7972
  5. Lacefield Learners, Walden Elementary School, Deerfield, IL – 7558
  6. Skipper’s First Grade, Mathews Elementary School, Greenwood, SC – 7437
  7. Mrs. Eggemeyer’s 2nd graders, Iroquois West Elementary, Gilman, IL – 6848
  8. Hilton’s 2nd graders, Southwest Schools Mangum Elementary Campus, Houston, TX – 6463
  9. 1st Grade, Southern Columbia, Catawissa, PA – 6016
  10. Mrs.Royal’s Kindergarten Class, Blue Ridge Christian School, Glade Valley, NC – 5656

Division B: Grades 3-5

  1. Ms. Howell, Lyman Elementary School, Lyman, SC – 30489
  2. Martinez’ 3rd Grade, Conchita Espinosa, Miami, FL – 21190
  3. Starkey 2015, Emily Starkey, Lyman, SC – 11801
  4. Monroig’s 3rd Graders, Marthasville Elementary, Marthasville, MO – 10561
  5. Small’s Grade 4, Southland, Rose Creek, MN – 10485
  6. McKeen, Sippican School, Marion, MA – 7547
  7. Stone’s Third Graders, Highland Elementary School, Sanford, NC – 7443
  8. Sister’s 3rd Graders, St. Theresa School, Kekaha, HI – 7329
  9. Mrs. Richards 3rd graders, Wilson Preparatory Academy, Wilson, NC – 7206
  10. Mrs. J. Fernandez’s Class, Conchita Espinosa Academy, Miami, FL – 6738

Great going, and wish you the best in the race to the finish line in four weeks! Continue reading


Top of the Leaderboard: Ms. Howell’s 3rd Graders Confidently Get There Thanks to Splash Math Hippo!

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Ms. Howell’s 3rd grade classroom is abuzz with (math) activity these days. Sixteen students, eight laptops, two iPads, an encouraging teacher, and a ton of math confidence: that’s what it took for this class to get to the top of the Splash Math SpringBoard Leaderboard at the end of Week One!

Ruth Howell, 3rd Grade Teacher, Lyman Elementary School, SC

Ruth Howell, 3rd Grade Teacher, Lyman Elementary School, SC

Ms. Howell shared with Splash Math how this relatively small class of 16 students got right there to the top.

When did your class start using Splash Math?

Last week! In fact we started on Splash Math only on Tuesday, a day after your contest started.

We had been using a couple of other online math programs, not very enthusiastically as my students never liked those enough to stay on task and stick with the program, so when I heard about SpringBoard, I immediately got my class working on Splash Math. I was hoping this math program would engage them better, and if it did, my plan was to motivate them further with the contest. Continue reading

Launching Splash Math SpringBoard, a Contest to Motivate School Students to do More and Better Math

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US based Teachers in Grades K-5 Can Participate in First Ever Splash Math Contest Designed Such That Any Classroom Can Win

We are pleased to announce the launch of our first ever contest created to motivate school students in Kindergarten through Grade 5: Splash Math SpringBoard. The objective of SpringBoard is to practice more math and master math skills so students end the school year with confidence, well prepared to graduate to the next grade.

This time of the school year is particularly important to strengthen math learning. Spring is the period to reinforce learning, prepare for standardized tests, and be ready to graduate with confidence into the next grade. With the new Splash Math SpringBoard contest, our aim is to help teachers achieve this goal, that is, help them “springboard” their students into the next grade! Continue reading


7 Year Old Evan Having Fun With Splash Math!

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“I sincerely believe in Splash Math apps, they have an immense value to me and my family.” - Earl Rollins

We thank Natalie Rollins, mother of Evan – an autistic child – for sharing this inspirational video with us. Evan’s infectious smile motivates us to make Splash Math even better.

Continue reading

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