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SpringBoard Front Runners and Winners at the end of Week 2

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We are very excited to share the front runners on the Splash Math SpringBoard leaderboard at the end of the second week:

SMSBLeaderboard7thApr (1)Division A: Grade K-2

  1. Mrs. DeFelice’s 1st Grade Classroom, Barksdale Elementary School, CONYERS, GA – 18088
  2. Biese 2014, Rock Ledge Primary School, Seymour, WI – 8921
  3. Ms. Fox, Gateway Christian School, Mount Dora, FL – 8091
  4. Sister’s 2nd Graders, St. Theresa School, Kekaha, HI – 7972
  5. Lacefield Learners, Walden Elementary School, Deerfield, IL – 7558
  6. Skipper’s First Grade, Mathews Elementary School, Greenwood, SC – 7437
  7. Mrs. Eggemeyer’s 2nd graders, Iroquois West Elementary, Gilman, IL – 6848
  8. Hilton’s 2nd graders, Southwest Schools Mangum Elementary Campus, Houston, TX – 6463
  9. 1st Grade, Southern Columbia, Catawissa, PA – 6016
  10. Mrs.Royal’s Kindergarten Class, Blue Ridge Christian School, Glade Valley, NC – 5656

Division B: Grades 3-5

  1. Ms. Howell, Lyman Elementary School, Lyman, SC – 30489
  2. Martinez’ 3rd Grade, Conchita Espinosa, Miami, FL – 21190
  3. Starkey 2015, Emily Starkey, Lyman, SC – 11801
  4. Monroig’s 3rd Graders, Marthasville Elementary, Marthasville, MO – 10561
  5. Small’s Grade 4, Southland, Rose Creek, MN – 10485
  6. McKeen, Sippican School, Marion, MA – 7547
  7. Stone’s Third Graders, Highland Elementary School, Sanford, NC – 7443
  8. Sister’s 3rd Graders, St. Theresa School, Kekaha, HI – 7329
  9. Mrs. Richards 3rd graders, Wilson Preparatory Academy, Wilson, NC – 7206
  10. Mrs. J. Fernandez’s Class, Conchita Espinosa Academy, Miami, FL – 6738

Great going, and wish you the best in the race to the finish line in four weeks! Continue reading


Top of the Leaderboard: Ms. Howell’s 3rd Graders Confidently Get There Thanks to Splash Math Hippo!

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Ms. Howell’s 3rd grade classroom is abuzz with (math) activity these days. Sixteen students, eight laptops, two iPads, an encouraging teacher, and a ton of math confidence: that’s what it took for this class to get to the top of the Splash Math SpringBoard Leaderboard at the end of Week One!

Ruth Howell, 3rd Grade Teacher, Lyman Elementary School, SC

Ruth Howell, 3rd Grade Teacher, Lyman Elementary School, SC

Ms. Howell shared with Splash Math how this relatively small class of 16 students got right there to the top.

When did your class start using Splash Math?

Last week! In fact we started on Splash Math only on Tuesday, a day after your contest started.

We had been using a couple of other online math programs, not very enthusiastically as my students never liked those enough to stay on task and stick with the program, so when I heard about SpringBoard, I immediately got my class working on Splash Math. I was hoping this math program would engage them better, and if it did, my plan was to motivate them further with the contest. Continue reading

Launching Splash Math SpringBoard, a Contest to Motivate School Students to do More and Better Math

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US based Teachers in Grades K-5 Can Participate in First Ever Splash Math Contest Designed Such That Any Classroom Can Win

We are pleased to announce the launch of our first ever contest created to motivate school students in Kindergarten through Grade 5: Splash Math SpringBoard. The objective of SpringBoard is to practice more math and master math skills so students end the school year with confidence, well prepared to graduate to the next grade.

This time of the school year is particularly important to strengthen math learning. Spring is the period to reinforce learning, prepare for standardized tests, and be ready to graduate with confidence into the next grade. With the new Splash Math SpringBoard contest, our aim is to help teachers achieve this goal, that is, help them “springboard” their students into the next grade! Continue reading


7 Year Old Evan Having Fun With Splash Math!

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“I sincerely believe in Splash Math apps, they have an immense value to me and my family.” – Earl Rollins

We thank Natalie Rollins, mother of Evan – an autistic child – for sharing this inspirational video with us. Evan’s infectious smile motivates us to make Splash Math even better.

Continue reading

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Splash Math gets Editor’s Choice Award from Children’s Technology Review

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Splash Math Kindergarten Children's Tech AwardSplash Math Kindergarten App, prequel to Splash Math series (Grades 1 to 5), is on a roll. After getting featured in the “Real Teacher’s Stories” section on earlier this year; the Kindergarten app is now honored with the Editor’s Choice Award 2013 from Children’s Technology Review (CTR).

CTR has been serving parents and teachers since 1993 with just one goal: “to provide complete and objective reviews of children’s interactive media products.” Continue reading

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Introducing Splash Math Blog

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Extending the opportunity to connect with teachers and parents, we are here with our new blog. In this blog, we will share ideas on elementary school math education, parenting concerns, fun math learning techniques, educational issues and other math-worthy news.

Our first article is by Katherine Burdick, a leading mobile learning evangelist. Titled – “What is Common Core and what do they mean to apps?” it talks about the importance of Common Core aligned curriculum and its relevance in preparing children for the 21st century by imparting the necessary skills. Katherine also discusses how few high quality iOS developers have focussed their content on the Common Core State Standards to enable parents and teachers leverage the use of iPads and get Common Core ready. Read more.

Happy Mother’s Day! Celebrate Her Presence with Thoughtful Gifts for Your Mom

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Mother’s Day Special -90% OFF on Splash Math

“My doctors told me I would never walk again. My mother told me I would. I believe my mother.” ~ Wilma Rudolph, an Olympian born with polio

Happy Mother's DayMother’s day is a special day for all of us. It’s a day to not only honor motherhood, but also other maternal figures and women who’ve contributed immensely in nurturing us and shaping our society – grandmothers, aunts, and teachers.

Though the celebration of these maternal ties must not be confined to a single day of the year, yet the day offers us huge opportunity to celebrate one of the strongest forces in the world – our mother’s love.

All moms are Super Moms. Continue reading

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Twin Bombings Rattle Boston Marathon! StudyPad Extends Condolences

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Terror returns to the US. Reminiscing the blood-spattered scene after the 9/11 terror attacks, the shock waves of the twin bombings in Boston Marathon were felt in the whole of America on Monday afternoon. The fiery twin explosions in the swarming streets of spectators near the finish line of the Boston Marathon left at least three people dead and over 144 people severely injured; with injuries ranging from cuts and bruises to lower leg trauma, shrapnel wounds, ruptured eardrums and several amputations. And, the injury toll continues to go up.

One more explosive device discovered near the bombing site was successfully dismantled by the security personnel. The Boston Globe reported victims were brought to eight area hospitals with metal debris and ball bearings entrenched in their bodies.

StudyPad denounces this heinous terrorist attack and expresses its deepest condolences and concern for the bereaved families, who’ve lost their loved ones, as well as those who are critically injured.

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Splash Math Summer App

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Ready for SUMMER SPLASH? Here comes the Splash Math summer review app for your kids, just right at the time when you need to refresh their Math skills.

Splash Math Summer App for kids


Tips on Getting Educational Apps for Your Kid

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With literally hundreds of thousands of apps now being offered for tablets, smart phones, and other devices, it can be tough for a discerning parent to sift through them all and find the educational applications best suited to their own children. A few basic tips can help you narrow the search and set your kids up with apps that can help develop their skills and their minds–as well as keeping them entertained.

1. Identify the areas where you would like to boost your kids’ skills or understanding. If your child is on the verge of a reading break-through, the reading pre-skills apps might be just the thing. If “times tables” are a current school subject, you might look for an app that puts multiplication to practice. Keep tabs on what topics are being studied in school, and see what apps you can find that support the classroom-learning. Discuss with the teacher and have a look at curriculum aligned apps like our – Splash Math apps which are aligned to Common Core State Standards.   And take advantage of the natural “teachable moments” that occur when your child asks questions or expresses an interest in something–head to the App Store to see what you can turn up that will engage your child on that subject.

2. Find a good App-Searching Tool. Apple, for example, offers a free application called “AppShopper,” which makes it easier to search the App Store offerings with a specific set of parameters you select yourself. You can choose your own criteria–including price, device(s) you use, and category (such as “Education), as well as keyword if you’re looking for something specific–and then browse all the apps that fit your set criteria. It’s a much more user-friendly process than trolling through the App Store itself, and you can even limit your search to the no-cost Free Apps if you’re on a budget.

3. Add educational programming with apps for educational channels. Television channels like PBS (and the more specific PBS Kids), the Discovery Channel, and the History Channel offer apps which enable your kids to watch educational programming from your mobile device.  You may want to pre-select some programs, as some of the shows have more educational value than others, but the apps give you the advantage over the actual television set of being able to select a range of programs from the educational “archives” rather than being tied to the day’s set programming.

4. Add a “bookshelf” for each child. In addition to the games and interactive apps, don’t forget that your mobile device can carry books! You can create a virtual shelf for each of your children with a selection of books at their reading-level, and some of their “screen time” can actually be reading time. Depending on your child’s level in school and subjects being studied, you might even add some appropriate reference materials for homework-use.

5. Transform your mobile device into a study aid. For any given school subject, you can find an array of resources and study materials to support your child’s homework and studies.  Look for flashcards, calculators, references for math or science, and perhaps even a homework-organizer app to help your child learn the skills of planning and organizing tasks.

A mobile device and its accompanying apps can provide much more for your child than just educational gaming–although the great educational games shouldn’t be discounted either! You can transform your device into a comprehensive educational resource with the right addition of apps.