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Why First Grade Is Important?

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why is first grade importantYou just finished an overload of sensory and cognitive experiences. Now you are going to refine them and put them to use. You’re in first grade!

Why is first grade so important? This is where it all starts! It’s not just an introduction or first step to more advanced concepts. In this grade, the fundamental building blocks that will be used throughout your children’s lives are laid and their love or disdain for a subject is setting in. Continue reading

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“Splash Math Make Maths Fun for Kids” – SCMP

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Tan Ly-ann, Senior Education Apps Reviewer for South China Morning Post (SCMP) says that as a tutor, she is often in search for material that can help her students with math practice.  Her search ended with Splash Math, an adaptive program that “…does not pretend to teach children how to do math but just provides the practice environment.”

She found it advantageous that Splash Math closely follows the school curriculum and is aligned to the US Common Core State Standards, to help students master the appropriate grade skills.

She praised the games section, where kids can play exciting games and ‘Parent’s dashboard’ that shows the student’s progress.

Read the full post at SCMP.

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What are Common Core Standards and What do they mean to Apps?

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Common Core State Standards Schools, teachers and publishers in over 40 states are busy training and preparing for full implementation of the Common Core State Standards. The Common Core State Standards were presented in 2010 and are America’s first attempt to institute federal guidelines on grade level expectations. Before Common Core, some states had created their own sets of standards so that students could move within the state and be assured that they were going to be held accountable for the same academic standards.  In other words, if your student lived in the city and was taught multiplication in third grade and you moved in the middle of the year to the country, she would still be taught multiplication and wouldn’t be at risk of being ahead or behind of her peers. Continue reading

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Top 5 Common Core Myths – Busted!

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Realizing that the American education was limping behind the standards in other developed nations and that it was in dire need of a strong revamp, the Common Core State Standards were introduced in 2008. Since then, the initiative has stirred a flurry of anxiety in the education circles. While common core has come under a firestorm of criticism by many; for some, this move has pinned hopes for the sagging US education standards. With the entire hullabaloo around the subject, a number of myths have emerged. Continue reading

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