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Back To School – Splash Math

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Why should I choose Splash Math Apps this school year?

back to school with splash math app

iPad is increasingly getting adopted as a learning medium.More than 1,000 schools are piloting iPad programs across the nation, a partial list of which can be found here. More than 1.5 million iPads are parked in K-12 classrooms. Some of the early initiatives like that of Virginia Department of Education’s have already yielded positive results. Students have reported increased engagement in learning, independence in learning and collaboration. Check out this infographic here.

Learning mathematics, practice is the key. Let’s see what are available options for a parent or teacher to practice math?

Math workbooks by textbook publishers

Pros: Ranging between $9 and $10, they aresubsidized to schools and provided by educational publishers along with the textbooks.

Cons: heavy and cumbersome, they are possibly the least engaging of practice methods.

Math workbooks by non-textbook publishers

Pros: They are available as chapter-wise titles hence less bulky than curriculum workbooks

Cons: They are loosely aligned to the curriculum. Like the paper workbooks, theylacks engagement. They cost around $7-$8 per title, hence you might effectively end up paying $40 or more for covering the whole syllabus.

Online Math programs

Pros:They save paper. Some contain video lessons along with practice content which is helpful. They track progress of a child.

Cons:They are not as effective as apps in terms of engagement. Most programs are in the range of $10 per monthor $80 for the year.

Math Apps

Pros:Once gamified properly, they provide high engagement to a kid which translates to faster and higher retained learning.

Cons: Loose or almost no alignment to the curriculum. Seldom can onecannot track progress of the child systematically.

Splash Math Worksheets combine the best of all the above practice methods. Being a Math app, it is highly engaging and fun way for the kids to learn math. With literally infinite math problems, Splash Math will last the entire school year. Being aligned to Common Core State Standards, it helps the kids get ready for the national standardized tests. Automatic grading of the responses and detailed email reports save the teacher and parent precious time. For $9.99 which is roughly the cost of 2 Starbucks coffees, these apps provide bang for the buck.

Go green! These interactive worksheets on iPad can be used year after year in a classroom, saving paper and trees. Finally, the built-in reward system makes it engaging for the kids and helps retain kids’ interest in year-long math practice.

Splash Math apps have the users’ mandate. Over 900,000 users have downloaded Splash Math. Loyalty to the app is quite high as a significant percentage of its users own multiple Splash Math titles.

Home schooling parents use it as a full time math program whileregular parents use them as additional practice program. Over 2,000 teachers use them in the classroom as enrichment and intervention tools or as a regular workbook in their 1:1 iPad pilot programs.

Hence, this school year, save time, money and paper using Splash Math Apps.

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World Autism Day 2012

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Update – 50% of our revenue for splashmath.com will go to Autism Speaks this entire week (April 2-9, 2014).

For more info visit – https://www.splashmath.com/autism

When Priya Krishnan presented her autistic cousin with an iPod Touch on Christmas, he fell in love with the device! Very soon the child was learning new words, managing his own schedule, listening to music and doing many such incredible activities which so long seemed challenging. Inspired by the progress of her cousin, Priya realised the impact that technology could bring into the lives of similar children.

She consulted Dr. Tony Gentry, Director of Assistive Technology of Virginia Commonwealth University’s Autism Center, Dr. Chandhan Vaidya, Director of Georgetown University’s Neuroscience labs, and Ms.Seema Patel, CEO of Interbots, a company that creates assistive robots for autism and they all agreed that touch devices can indeed help autistic individuals to improve their lives. Soon Project Touch was born! (http://projecttouch.info)

Priya’s vision to provide low income families with autistic children this most useful device became a success through effective advocacy and fundraising. She also joined hands with Autism Speaks (www.autismspeaks.org), a national organisation and has already donated 50 iPod Touch devices in VA. She is now taking her dream global!

Priya, is among the thousands who are tenaciously working towards building a better future for children afflicted with autism.

Recent estimates say that Autism now affects approximately one percent of the global population, or 67 million people worldwide. Autism statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show around 1 in 110 American children as on the autism spectrum–a 600 percent increase in prevalence over the past two decades.

Today, on World Autism Day (2nd April), StudyPad, is saluting these tremendous efforts by individuals, organisations and groups, who are consistently involved in raising awareness on autism and contributing through steadfast activism, seminars, fundraising, and technology to make a difference in the lives of those who struggle with the disorder.

The affirmative impact of the iPad in aiding development and learning in classrooms is already known. The iPad/iPhone and its new-generation apps, have however, taken overwhelming strides in technology for special education as well! These revolutionary hand-held devices are now considered a worthy aid for more complex developmental challenges. From enhancing communication, speech, hand-eye co-ordination, problem solving skills to helping children understand spatial concepts, colors, auditory memory and processing, this is like the Manna from heaven!

Take A4CWSN (www.a4cwsn.com) for instance and their collection of suggested apps for kids with special needs. These are apps which boost writing and language development, and have such wonderful features such as voice recording, word prediction, text to speech enhancers, all brilliantly modelled for the child with autism. A4CWSN has also given away over 130 iPads to kids with special needs and continues to do so every month. Similarly, www.ipads4autism.org has very effectively highlighted its mission – to be able to gift every autistic child the ability to talk! These are not mere websites for gadget-loving nerds, but are active platforms where students, teachers, parents and other advocacy groups can raise awareness on autism. Also commendable is the work by Technology in Special Education (techinspecialed.com) in identifying apps by IEP goals. Siva of TechInSpecialEd says- It helps parents and teachers get “Bang for the Buck”.

From apps specifically made for the iPhone or iPod Touch, to those which are compatible on the iPad as well, www.autismpluggedin.com is a great resource on all these special apps. The site gives you comprehensive info on the A-listers in special apps. More significantly, the site also mentions how use of these apps has gradually enhanced learning in kids with special needs and kindred them towards their social and natural environments. Easy-to-use and child friendly, most apps have inbuilt features for parents and teachers to train kids, as well as track their learning curve.

The websites mentioned below will give you further insights on the disorder and the amazing work being done by different organisations in aiding research, building advocacy and child rights, and promoting general awareness.

We at Splash Math are joining the likes of these organizations to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day on April 2 and will Light It Up Blue to help shed light on autism. To show our support for the cause, we will light up our office premises in hues of blue!

And before concluding, here’s a heart-warming email from Ann Francis, who is a teacher for kids with special needs at Mallory Elementary. Ms Francis has been an early adopter of StudyPad’s Splash Math apps for her school.

This is my celebration. I have a 3rd grade young lady with autism and it is hard to get her to interact. I had her go up to answer a problem and it was too hard for her. I told her to ask other students for help. I told the other students they would probably have to say their names. Low and behold she knows everyone’s name and told us and called in them. This from a young lady that just says yes and no. That was very, very cool. Thank you for letting us use this app and I look forward to working with you

We are giving out $15 iTunes Gift Card. Participate in the giveaway to Win!

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Splash Math Apps at Franklin Elementary School

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Splash Math has been a big hit in schools. Lot of schools have bought, used, and loved Splash Math apps in their classrooms. We have recently started collecting feedback from schools who are using Splash Math on a daily basis with the students.  And to start it all, here is a guest post by Amber Kowatch, who teaches second grade students in Franklin Elementary School:

I am a second grade teacher using iPads one-to-one with my students. While browsing the app store, I came across Splash Math. After checking it out for a few days on my personal iPad, I knew that this was a must have app for my students. Splash Math has made reinforcing taught concepts a much easier task in my classroom. After I do my lesson and my students have demonstrated some understanding of the concept, I am always sure to build in a few minutes of Splash Math time. My students have so much enjoyed this time of the day that they go home with their iPads each night and continue to practice their math skills. There are many reasons for them to be motivated as they love their iPad, Splash Math provides a fun and engaging opportunity for them to practice math, and the aquarium provides another dimension of motivation as well.

My students were told at the beginning of the year to try and earn at least 100 points each week. They have definitely exceeded all expectations of that. Many students are earning 500-600 points weekly and enjoying every minute of it. Not only are they practicing on their own time, they are keeping me informed of their progress because Splash Math sends me a weekly progress report email to let me know exactly what skills my students have been working on. I see how many problems they have completed, which skills they performed adequately and what skills they still need more practice on. I look forward to my progress reports as it lets me know exactly where my students are and where I need to take them.

Splash Math has been such a fun tool to have in our classroom. I recommend this app highly as it does so much more than just teach math. It gives my students the opportunity to truly love math and want to practice math any chance they can get!

Amber Kowatch
Second Grade Teacher
Franklin Elementary School
Ludington, MI

If you have any experiences to share about Splash Math, mail us at support@splashmath.com

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StudyPad & A4CWSN

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A4CWSN - 3rd app party

Our first app – Splash Math Grade 3 for iPad was launched in late April this year. A month later, we came across  A4CWSN, which is a site committed to helping the families and carers of children with special needs and the wider community of educators and therapists who support them. They produce videos that demonstrate how products  designed to educate children and build their life skills, really work from a user perspective. Yearning to have that user-perspective review, we introduced ourselves to Gary James, the force behind A4CWSN. A4CWSN, then was driven mostly by Gary, was growing by leaps and bounds. Glimpses of champion for the cause of children with special needs could be seen in the making.

In June, Gary was gearing up for his 2nd app party when we approached him again. Having seen Gary’s enthusiasm and drive, we had no second thoughts about joining in. During the party, Gary rallied behind the participating apps and got us visibility in the community and beyond. We connected with many parents and teachers and  got plenty of Facebook likes. The App party was a phenomenal success for both developers and A4CWSN.

Since then, we have been closely following Gary and A4CWSN. A4CWSN has grown and Gary is now assisted by some amazing people. We are glad to be in touch with his associates- Deanne Shoyer, Jessica Hampton Lawson and others, who have been very helpful and amazingly approachable. Gary’s close-to-heart iPad4U campaign is a unique way to spread awareness about technology and make a positive impact on many lives. We have been immensely delighted to be of some help to his campaign.

As the third app party hosted by A4CWSNA4CWSN – Canada and A4CWSN – Australia comes around, quite obviously, we are proud participants! The party  is scheduled from September 30 to October 2 and all our paid apps are on discount on these days! Additionally, we will be donating $1 for every app sold to A4CWSN.  You can view and get Splash Math apps from this – link.

Gary and his associates at A4CWSN are bringing about a revolution in the community of children with special needs. We wish them the best in their endeavor. We will continue to support them, after all, nothing can be more gratifying to see than the glee on a child’s face, having his or her ‘aha’ moment after mastering a math problem. A million such faces and the Earth is definitely a brighter and happier place!  God bless!

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