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Top 5 Common Core Myths – Busted!

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Realizing that the American education was limping behind the standards in other developed nations and that it was in dire need of a strong revamp, the Common Core State Standards were introduced in 2008. Since then, the initiative has stirred a flurry of anxiety in the education circles. While common core has come under a firestorm of criticism by many; for some, this move has pinned hopes for the sagging US education standards. With the entire hullabaloo around the subject, a number of myths have emerged. Continue reading

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5 Quick Tips to Stay on Top of Common Core Standards

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Lesson plans, workbooks, posters, infinite paper work and much more. Sounds like a lot of balls to juggle, huh?

Hey, all you teachers out there – Does the topic of common core state standards (CCSS) send you in a tizzy? Continue reading

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