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Mixed Number - Definition with Examples

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What is a mixed number? 
Mixed numbers can be defined as numbers that are made up of a whole number and a proper fraction. Two types of numbers are mixed together!
A mixed number represents a number between two whole numbers. 
When we count whole things and parts of those things together, we make mixed numbers.

Here, for instance, 1 is the whole and 34 is the fraction part in the mixed number 134 . 134lies between 1 and 2. 

Mixed number fraction

An improper fraction is a fraction whose numerator is bigger than the denominator. When improper fractions cannot be simplified further, they can be turned into mixed fractions.

Here are some more examples of mixed fractions. 

Mixed numbers fractions examples

Here’s how we often come across mixed fractions in our daily life.

Mixed fractions real life examples around us

  Fun Facts

  • Mixed numbers are also called mixed fractions.

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You can check your child’s understanding of mixed fractions by asking him/her to express the parts of a whole as mixed fractions, when serving pizza’s or pie’s at home. 

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