Common Core Math Vocabulary

Count - Definition with Examples

What does Count mean?

Count Definition: Count is an act to determine the total number of objects in a set by counting one-by-one or in groups.

In other words, count means to say numbers in order; to assign a value to a group of items based on one-to-one correspondence.

(One-to-one correspondence is when one numeral is related to one object being counted)

One to one correspondence


What are Counting Numbers?

Counting Numbers Definition: Counting numbers (also known as natural numbers) are those which are used to count physical objects in the real world, such as 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 .....

To count number of items like, number of pens, pencils, books, houses, etc, the counting starts from 1 and then proceed with 2, 3, 4...and so on. Therefore, these numbers are called counting numbers.

Counting Numbers Definition


What do Count on and Count down mean?

Counting on / Forward Counting: The forward counting is also known as “add 1 more”.

When 1 is added to a number, the result is the number after (successive number).

For example: If 1 more marble is put (added) in a jar containing 9 marbles then the total number of marbles will equal to 10.

Counting on or Forward Counting


Count down / Backward Counting: The backward counting is also known as “1 less”. When the counting is done in the reverse sequence it is called backward counting.

For example: If 1 marble is taken away (subtracted) from a jar containing 9 marbles then the total number of marbles will equal to 8.

Count down or Backward Counting


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