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Long Division - Definition with Examples

What is Long Division?

Long Division Definition: Long division is a step-by-step process to divide large numbers into equal groups.

The important terms used while working with division are: dividend, divisor, quotient, and remainder. All these have already been defined in the section division.

How to do Long division?

The process of long division involves basic math operations.

The 4 simple steps to perform long division are: Divide, Multiply, Subtract, Bring Down, and then repeating the process. (look at the image)

Long Division Steps

Examples of long division problems with the remainder and without remainder are given below. Remember, remainder is the left-over part of a division operation that cannot be further distributed or divided.

long division vocabulary


Long Division with Decimals

Long division is also used to divide decimal numbers into equal groups.

A long division example including decimals is given below.

Long Division example


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