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Angle Measure - Definition with Examples

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What is an angle measure? 

In geometry, an angle measure can be defined as the measure of the angle formed by the two rays or arms at a common vertex.

Angle measure of an angle

Angles are measured in degrees ( °), using a protractor

Using a protractor to measure angles

  Fun Facts

  • The protractor was invented by Joseph Huddart in 1801. It was a more complex form of protractor. 

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An acute angle is a little so small,
Right angle in the corner of a wall,
Obtuse angle at 2:50 in day-time,
Straight angle in a straw in soda-lime!
So many angles all around, even in a mime!

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Model and show how to use a protractor correctly. Ask your child to then use the protractor to measure and identify angles, basis their measurement.

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