Common Core Math Vocabulary

Area - Definition with Examples

What is Area?

Area Definition: Area is the space occupied by a surface or a flat-shape. 

Area on a Grid

The area of a shape can be determined by counting the number of unit-squares required to completely cover the shape without overlapping. 

Area in Square Units

The area is measured in square units.

Finding Area using square grid


Area of Polygons

The table lists the geometry formulae for the area of some common shapes and polygons taught in elementary math:


Area of Square

A = s x s = s2

where s stands for a side of a square


Area of Rectangle

A = l x w

where l stands for the length and w stands for the width of a rectangle


Area of Triangle

A = 1/2 bh

where b stands for the base and h stands for the height of a triangle


Area of Composite Shapes

A composite shape is a shape formed by combinations of simpler shapes like rectangle, triangle, square etc.

To find the area of a composite shape, divide the shape into simpler shapes and add their areas together.

Area of composite shape

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