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Bar Graph - Definition with Examples

What is a Bar Graph?

Bar Graph Definition: Bar graphs are graphs which use rectangular strips (bars) to show quantities or numbers. They are used to compare numbers, frequency or other measure for individually separate and distinct categories of data.

Bar Graphs representation


How to construct a bar graph? 

While making a bar graph, make sure every bar is of equal width and the space between any two bars is also equal.


The list given below shows the preference of students for different kinds of nuts.

Table for Bar Graph

Example of Bar Graph

Here, each rectangle (bar) conveys the number of students who like particular nut. For example, the yellow bar conveys that 3 students like walnuts and the blue bar coveys that 8 students like cashew nuts and so on. Length of each rectangle strip (bar) represents the number of students who like particular nut. Such method of representing data is called bar graph.

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