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Hexagon - Definition with Examples

What is a Hexagon? 

Hexagon Definition:  Hexagon is a six-sided 2-dimensional shape. It has 6 sides, 6 vertices, and 6 angles. 

Hexagon in Real life

Hexagons can be found in honeycomb, nut bolts etc.

Hexagon real life examples


Types of Hexagon

Regular Hexagon

Length of all the sides are equal.

Measure of all the angles are same.

Irregular Hexagon

Length of at least 2 sides are unequal.

Measure of at least 2 angles are unequal.


Properties of Hexagon

Interior angles of a regular hexagon measure 120°. Therefore, the sum of all the interior angles of a hexagon is 120° X 6= 720°.

Exterior angles of a regular hexagon measure 60°. 

Interior and exterior angles


Perimeter of a hexagon

The perimeter of a hexagon is the sum of the lengths of all the sides. In case of regular hexagon, the perimeter is six times the length of a side.

Perimeter = Sum of all sides of the hexagon


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