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Hexagon - Definition with Examples

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What is a hexagon? 
In geometry, a hexagon can be defined as a polygon with six sides. 

The two-dimensional shape has 6 sides, 6 vertices and 6 angles.

Hexagon 2-dimensional Shape

We can find the shape of a hexagon in a honeycomb and a football, around us. 

Hexagons around us real life examples


Types of Hexagons

When the length of all the sides and measure of all the angles are equal, it is a regular hexagon, otherwise it is an irregular hexagon

Types of Hexagons regular and irregular


Properties of a Regular Hexagon

  • All the sides are equal in length.
  • All the interior angles measure 120°.
  • The sum of all the interior angles of a regular hexagon is 720°.


Properties of a regular hexagon

  Fun Facts

  • Regular hexagons can be split into 6 equilateral tringles all of the same size.
  • Regular hexagons can fit together without any gaps , forming tessellations.

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The shiny tiny nut-bolt used to fix your bike,
The honeycomb you saw on the way on a hike,
The tiny soapy bubbles you blew along with Mike,
The white and black football, that you really really like.
They are all of the shape of a hexagon, is what is alike!

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Instead of handing out hexagon colouring worksheets to your children, ask them to observe and note the things in the shape of regular and irregular hexagons, such as the print of a lady finger, the huge hexagon on Saturn.
Further, you can discuss and show videos around how bees make honey combs or spiders make spider webs in the shape of a hexagon. 

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