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Rectangle - Definition with Examples

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What is a rectangle? 
A rectangle is closed, two-dimensional shape with 4 straight sides.

A rectangle is a quadrilateral

Rectangle Shape

We can find the shape of a rectangle in a sofa, a chalkboard and a book, around us. 

Rectangle shape things around us real life example


Properties of a Rectangle:

  • A rectangle has 4 sides and 4 vertices.
  • Opposite sides of a rectangle are parallel and equal in length.
  • All interior angles are equal and right angles. 
  • The sum of the all the interior angles is 360°.


  Fun Facts 

  • A rectangle is a parallelogram with right angles. 
  • A rectangle is also a type of a polygon.

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Here is the shape of a rectangle,
With sides - one, two, three and four.
Two are short and, two are long.
Can you find it in the front door?

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Ask your children to observe/spot things in which they can see the shape of a rectangle, such as a bar of chocolate, an envelope, or a chest of drawers. 
You can further ask them to make a ‘shapes scrapbook’ and have them draw or paste picture of things rectangular in shape in it.

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