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Right Angle - Definition with Examples

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What is a right angle?
In geometry, an angle that measures 90 degrees exactly is a right angle. It is formed by two perpendicular lines. 

A right angle is represented by the symbol ∟.

Right angle definition

We can find right angles in shapes.

Right angle shapes

  Fun Facts 

  • All right angles are the same.
  • All right angles correspond to quarter of a complete turn.
  • All triangle with one angle right is always a right triangle.

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A quarter of a bangle.
Its arms don’t dangle,
Neither do they tangle,
Because it’s a right angle!!
You can see it in a right triangle!

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Children can stretch out their arms to form right angles. Take the children out for a walk and have them spot right angles formed in things in their surroundings.

Right angle real life
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