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Multiplicative Comparison - Definition with Examples

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What is multiplicative comparison?
Multiplicative comparison means comparing two things or sets, that need to be multiplied.
A multiplicative comparison problem can be defined as a problem in which:
  1. Two verbal statements are used to compare two set of items, and 
  2. then, a multiplication equation is determined.

Multiplicative comparison problems usually use phrases like:

  • Times as many (3 times as many candies)
  • Times more (5 times more apples)
  • Times as much (7 times as much as the blue ribbon)
  • Times as large (10 times as large as a brick)


Here’s an example of how a multiplicative comparison word problem can be solved using comparison bar models.

Example of multiplicative comparison with bar model

  Fun Facts

  • Bar models help us to understand what operations, whether addition, subtraction, multiplication or/and division should be used to solve a word problem.
  • Any two factors and their product can be read as a comparison.

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Take your child for out for shopping. You can ask them to find ‘5 times as many’, or ‘7 times as much’ for items you have picked out. 
You can also model by showing children how they can measure ‘4 times as long’ a cloth or a ribbon.

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