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Greater Than - Definition with Examples

What is Greater Than?

Greater than Definition: Greater than is an inequality used to compare two quantities. It is used in cases, where the first quantity is larger than the second quantity. For example, the number 5 is greater than 3. 

Symbol for greater than : >


Which Number is Greater?

Steps to compare two numbers:

1. Compare the number of digits. The number with more digits is greater than the number with lesser digits.

Compare number

2. If the number of digits are the same, compare the numbers at the highest place value. The number with the greater number at the highest place value is greater.

Compare number using place value


Greater than or Equal to   

“Greater than or equal to” mainly comes in use while doing algebra. Sometimes, the value of a variable may be greater than or equal to a given number.

Sign For Greater than or equal to: >=

Other Inequalities

Other inequalities used to compare two quantities are:

Inequality symbols

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