Common Core Math Vocabulary

Number - Definition with Examples

What are Numbers?

Number Definition: A number, in mathematics world, describes quantities and values. Numbers are used for counting different quantities, quantifying measurements, calculations and much more.

Numerals and different symbols are used to represent different types of number.

number representation

Different Types of Numbers

Cardinal Numbers

Cardinal numbers are referred to as the “counting numbers“ that are used to count things.

1- 10 Cardinal Numbers


Ordinal Numbers

These are the mathematical numbers that gives idea about the position of something in a given list. Ordinal numbers are written by adding ST, ND , RD ,TH as superscript to a cardinal number.


Cardinal Number     Ordinal Numbers


Whole Numbers

Whole numbers are same as counting numbers starting from 0.

Whole number


Decimal Numbers

Decimal numbers consist of two parts: whole number and decimal part separated by a decimal point.

Decimal Numbers



Integers include zero, positive and negative whole numbers without fractional part or decimals.


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