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Two - Definition with Examples

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What is Two?
The whole number between 1 and 3 is 2. In mathematics, the number 2 represents a quantity or value of 2. 

The number name of 2 is two. Little Sera is showing 2 fingers.

Number 2 Number Name Two Two 2 Fingers

There are 2 balloons, 2 pandas and 2 butterflies. 

Two Things Around Us

        Fun Facts :

  • 2 is a natural number.
  • 2 is the smallest prime number.
  • 2 is the only even prime number.
  • A number is a even number if it is divisible by 2.


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2 red balloons fly in the sky,
2 little birds fly with them high,
Up! Up! And up so high!
Mary waved them goodbye!

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Children can be asked to observe or count 2 things around them. In addition to the number games and worksheets, ask your child to spot things that exist in two’s or pairs such as the wings of a butterfly, a pair of shoes. 

You can also ask your child to pick out 2 of their favorite candies/fruits.

Number 2 Real Life Activity
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