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Place Value - Definition with Examples

What is place value?

Place Value Definition: It is the value of the digit with reference to its position in the number. For example, 238 has 2 hundred, 3 tens and 8 ones.

Place Value


Representing a Number using Base-ten Blocks

Base-ten blocks are mathematical manipulatives used to develop number sense, place value skills and much more. For example, the number 238 can be represented in the following way by using these blocks.

Place Value Using Base-10 Blocks


Place Value Chart

A place value chart helps to explore numbers from one to hundred thousand and much more. Each place on a chart has a value that is 10 times the value of the place on its right.

Expanding Place Value

 Using the place value chart, the number 238 can be written in expanded form as:

Place Value Example


Decimal Place Value

Decimal numbers are fractions or mixed numbers with denominators of powers of 10. In a decimal number, the place right to the ones place would have a value which is  (1/10th) of ones is known as tenths. Similarly, moving towards the right, the value decreases by a factor of 1/10.

Decimal Place Value

Using the place value chart, the number 7.341 can be written in expanded form as:

Decimal Place Value Example


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