Great tool for reinforcing old and introducing new math topics

Lindsay Petersen

Parent, 2nd grader

Time Spent: 3 Hours

Problems Answered: 1,162

Earned Coins: 1,049

How often do you use Splash Math for your kids? What do your kids love most about Splash Math?
My daughter uses the app a couple of times each week for about 30 minutes. She loves the variety and the ability to skip around and do different types of math.
What were you using before starting with Splash Math?
We were not using any app prior to this just paper and pencil which kind of limited us to addition and subtraction.
How do you see Splash Math fitting together with other learning methods?
I think it is great to review math that has already been learned at school and great to introduce new subjects that has not been taught in school yet.
Did you see improvement in scores for your kids after using Splash Math?
Not really sure if test scores have improved but when she first used the app she started with single digit addition and subtraction. At her first parent teacher conference this fall her teacher said that she did really well with the first-grade review that they were doing and that she needed to be challenged more which I feel this app can provide for her.
What is your advice for other parents just getting started with using Splash Math?
Even though the app costs money it is well worth the investment. The music and positive reinforcement for right and wrong answers make it fun for the child while they learn at the same time. I would highly recommend this app.