Why parents choose Splash Math for their children?

Get Started in 5 Minutes

Splash Math Program is easy to setup. You can get your child started on their math journey within minutes.

Personalised Learning

Proprietary Adaptive algorithm creates a dynamic learning path individualized for your child.

Aligned to School Curriculum

Comprehensive math curriculum aligned to Common Core and most of the State Standards to improve your child’s score in school tests.

Voice Reading of Questions

Questions in Splash Math are read aloud in a friendly voice to familiarize your child with pronunciations of math vocabulary.

Hints and Explanations

Each wrong answer is followed with correct answer and explanation to take immediate real-time corrective action.

Multiple Themes

Splash Math offers multiple themes like Jungle, Ocean, Space and Candy to engage your children as per their interest.

Engaging Games and Rewards

Your child can redeem coins to buy and collect animated pets in the games section. Splash Math includes multiple games like aquarium, jungle to keep your child engaged.

Offline Access

Splash Math can also be used on the go with our iPad, iPhone & iPod apps. No internet connection is required.

Play on any device

Kids love mobile devices. Get Splash Math on your child’s device of choice (iPad, iPhone, iPod, Laptop, PC).

Email Reports

Stay connected with your child’s progress with Splash Math's weekly progress summary in your inbox.

Parent Connect App

Get instant notifications on progress improvement, skill completions through our Parent Connect App for iPhone.

Email Support

Parents can contact us for any queries on the program via email.